Discerning God’s Will

One of the biggest questions I get asked by people is “how do I figure out God’s will?” The individuals typically mean that they are seeking ways to figure out who to marry, which job to take, where to move, when to move, or any major decision.

While it is important to follow God in these big decisions it is better to have followed in the small things and then know in the big things. This is what I mean… God has been very clear in the directives we have for daily living and following the Word of God. We are to witness (Matt. 28:19-20), hide God’s word in our heart/memorize scripture (Psalm 119:11), follow Jesus’ commands (John 14), and many more. The problem in our Christian lives is that we are unwilling to follow God in these small commands and then we want a clear direction from Him when we desperately need it. Follow God in the small things to gain a clear picture for the big things in life.Now once you have this down, as if we ever get it fully down, we must begin to seek out the will of God for these big decisions. Prayer needs to be ramped up, scripture needs to be read often, and seeking wise counsel is a must. Most importantly is to be clear. If you sense a hesitation in
your spirit then back away from the decision and allow the Holy Spirit to truly guide you through the process. It is better to delay then to not be at peace in a decision. God will honor your discernment to delay. Once you feel a 100% confidence(note…you might still be scared) then proceed to make the big decision in life!