Short-term Missions #1

This will be a several part blog on short-term missions. I say “several” because I do not know how many I will do.I am writing currently on the issue for my doctoral project and so I have a lot of thoughts at the moment on the subject. Let me say first that I salute with 100% certainty the missionaries who dedicate their lives to long-term service with a specific people group around the world. God has certainly called people and continue to call people to this worthy experience.However with the global onslaught of high speed travel, short-term missions has become available option for taking the gospel around the world. If the church as a whole can send out millions of followers on short-term projects to supplement the long-term missionaries then God will be glorified and the gospel will spread. The Southern Baptist Convention sends approximately 5,000 international missionaries and 5,000 North American missionaries out into service in any given year. There are approximately 40,000 Southern Baptist Churches in the United States. So with all of that math if each church sent 10 people out on short-term mission trips we could have at least 400,000 people on mission in any given year. As we all know many churches can and do send many more people. The movement of short-term missions in increasing with popularity and frequency. I pray that many more MILLIONS of Christians will join in to spread the gospel around the world.