God-sized Miracles

Have you ever depended too much on yourself? Ever wanted to see a God-sized miracle. That is my prayer right now. I want to see God do something that is completely out of the realm of my mind or ability to understand. I don’t want it to be a Jeff Dowdy sized miracle or a Stetson Baptist Church sized miracle I want to see a God-sized miracle. What form do these take? I am not sure but I was reading this morning about Elisha. He was sitting on a rock and the King of Israel sent troops to speak to him to ask a question. Elisha called down fire from heaven and they were torched. Then the king sent another group and the same thing happened. Then the king sent a final group that approached Elisha by begging for their life. As I read this, I did not say wow, look how powerful Elisha is. Instead I said look how powerful God is. My prayer today is that I would see God do something amazing and I could say that was all God. What about you?