Fire Proof

Went and saw FireProof last night at the movies with my lovely bride of 10 years. Definitely worth the ticket price for the movie. While the move still has a bit of the ‘cheesy’ Christian movie feel the message is dynamic. The best quote of the move is at the end when the couple is renewing their vows and the pastor says “…marriage is not a contract but a covenant.”

This movie is a movie that all couples, potential couples, singles, and those who are advocates of marriage should see. It should also be seen by those who oppose traditional marriage as a positive look on marriage. Sherwood Pictures has done it again and I hope they continue to make movies with positive Christian messages.

The movie came in fourth in the nation in sales over the weekend which is incredible since it only showed in 800+ theaters while the other movies ahead of it showed in 2500+ theaters.

May God use this movie to inspire greater commitment in our marriages.