The Debate

Wow, what a debate last night. I was irritated that neither candidate could stay within their time limits so there could have been more questions but overall a good debate. I think John McCain really came out swinging. He tied Barack Obama to the current financial crisis by citing that he was “the most liberal senator” and that he had received the second most contributions from Freddi Mac and Fannie Mae mortgage companies. He also cited that it was Obama and “his cronies” that had led to this mess. Obama seemed a bit stunned at being called out like that.

Much like the vice-presidential debate though Obama really started to win some points toward the middle end of the debate. McCain seemed to run a little out of steam and the subject matter began to get more specific.

McCain has too many ideas that lead us to too much government like buying up ALL the bad loans in America. Let’s just nationalize the whole mortgage system. Bad idea. Obama seems to only want to make Government the “Big Brother” of everybody’s business. I think both are going to do something about energy. I like Obama’s take on investing in the next ten years to get us off of foreign oil. That is a tough job but is good. I like McCain citing the need to get the best minds in the country together on the subject. So at least both of them will do something about it.

Both candidates seem to want to get rid of lobbyists and special interests, but I doubt if either will.

Both candidates have health care plans that I don’t think will work. Obama will try to buy out the system and need a whole lot of money and McCain is going to try and allow for more competition which only seems to drive the prices higher instead of lower. I don’t think either plan addresses the real issues there.

I think McCain clearly has the advantage on national security and the military. Obama will be like Clinton was and gut the military so badly.

Obama seems to have a plan for these tax cuts and a sharing of the load. I think in principle that is a good plan but if you don’t cut some of the taxes on big business then they will continue to ship jobs overseas to where it is cheaper. We cannot have a “redistribution of wealth” or we will kill the American Dream.

Neither of the two debates have dealt with:
1. Abortion
2. The Appointing of Judges
3. Free Speech
4. Marriage