God’s Grace

I was just reflecting on God’s Grace. God’s Grace is so complete. The essence of God’s Grace is that we are completely outside of who God is and because of the cross can now move right next to God. Our sin separates us from God and God’s Grace through the cross brings us close. That is amazing.

Here though is mine, and a lot of others problem. After Grace comes into our lives we begin to pile on the very thing that Grace saves us from. Here is what I mean. If we are undeserving of God’s Grace and unable to earn God’s Grace then how do we then try to earn God’s favor after receiving God’s Grace. We cannot earn it, for it is freely given.

Now this is where Paul in the book of Romans says well then we should sin all the more to receive more of this Grace and that is so far from the truth.

As we grow closer to God, our character transforms to be more like Christ so that we do not sin as much and begin to look radically different from the world. We do not do this to earn favor from God but because as we grow in Christ the byproduct of our growth is change in us.

We cannot mandate morality and have it become a lasting obedience. We cannot obey out of a sense of duty. As we grow closer to Christ our obedience becomes natural and replaces the natural in us which was sin. This is why we say “No Jesus, No Change; Know Jesus, Know Change.” I am guilty of rushing people to make moral changes when it is the power of the Holy Spirit doing that and not me.

Moreover, I think we frustrate people by saying you found Jesus today now change tomorrow when we all know we did not change that fast. The change in people will come through discipleship. This is why Jesus gave the command to “make disciples” in Matthew 28:19-20 and not simply to make converts. This is why the church must be more about making disciples then about making converts.

To Be Continued…