Know Peace

I am preaching this week at my church on Philippians 4:4-9. This is the passage where Paul says to Rejoice in all things. He also says to pray and place all our worries at the feet of Jesus and we will know peace. I titled this sermon Know Peace because it seems that in our world today there is “NO” peace. There is so much anxiety in the world today you could cut it with a knife. From watching the stock market go down to watching the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is much to worry about.

I have enough anxiety of my own. Finances, graduating with my Doctorate, raising children, job pressure, and much more. I can literally worry myself to death over all these struggles but it is in knowing Christ that I find peace. Somehow the storms do not stop but I know the peace of Christ. I have to remind myself that when I get too anxious I turn to God.

I hope that today you find peace. I hope that you can seek the peacemaker. I hope that God touches you in your life today. There is no better peace then knowing the true Prince of Peace.