Easy Answers?

Sometimes I think we as Christians fall into the trap of easy answers. Someone is struggling with an addiction we say “Just give it to God.” Someone has a child die and we say “God has a plan.” Someone else might have just lost their job or is struggling to make ends meet financially and we say “God will take care of you.” While each of these statements is true it does seem to be too easy.

I find it much better to point people in the direction of scripture then to just give them an easy answer. If someone had an addiction I might point them to Psalm 23 and have them read it in terms of walking with God through a terrible time. If someone had a child die I might have them read the book of Job. If someone had lost their job or was struggling with their finances I might point them to Malachi and have them see where God will poor out blessings or to where Jesus said that the sparrows are taken care of how much more does God care about you. (sorry for the run-on).

If we as Christians believe in the power of God’s Word then let us offer it much more then our easy answers to very complex situations.