Welcome to December…

I hope you are getting ready for this upcoming Christmas season. I hope you are looking for ways to bless others this season. We say it all the time but do we really live it that this season is not all about receiving but about giving?

There are so many ways to give this season. You can give locally to a food pantry, serve at Feeding Center in your area, or volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. You can also give by donating blood or platelets at a local blood center. You can give nationally by giving to Toys for Tots or giving a donation to the Salvation Army. You can give internationally by donating to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, buy a goat (like my son Keaton did earlier this year) through Samaritan’s Purse or World Vision, adopt a child through Compassion International, or donate money to Living Water International (water.cc) which drills water wells around the world. I personally know the president of Living Water International and have a couple of friends who work for this worthy organization. You could even give to one of these worthy causes in the name of someone you normally give a gift to. What a great gift! I even heard of a family that started a tradition whereby they play a game that lasts a couple of days. They each donate money to a general pot. The winner of this long game gets to donate all the money to his or her charity. I hope you will find a way to give this year. Jesus is the reason for the season. He gave us the gift of himself, think of ways you can give of yourself to others.

Merry Christmas!