Day 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Wow, a lot to catch up on. I took our youth ministry on a ski trip to North Carolina and wasn’t able to blog. I also will admit that I fell behind a little in my reading. This is a good time to tell you of a strategy I use to catch up. While falling behind a day or two is not that bad what happens when you fall behind a few weeks? This happened to me last year and this is what I did. Instead of panicking or feeling overwhelmed I just caught up one extra day at a time. Instead of reading one days worth I read two and within a short amount of time I was caught up. Don’t get discouraged, God is not standing in heaven with a counter on your reading days. The goal of this exercise is to get into His Word and enjoy fellowship with Him. Just stay at it.

The last few days reading have been exciting. We see that Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers, the people of Israel rapidly multiply in population in Egypt, Moses is born, goes into the wilderness, is called by God, and then challenges Pharaoh. All of these readings leave us with the overwhelming sense of God’s leading and guiding, and of His power to influence and change the course of events. Praise God that we serve an awesome God.

Tomorrow’s reading: Catch up Day!