Day 22

What an incredible reading!! Just think you have read through the back story of why the death of Jesus on the cross is so important. The passover is referred to so many times in scripture and Jesus is called the passover lamb. Just like the Hebrews put the blood of a lamb over their doors and thus the death angel passed by, Jesus’ blood covers those who come to him in faith. His blood makes us acceptable in the eyes of a Holy God. Praise God that we have the ultimate passover lamb in Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow’s reading: Exodus 13-15

This entire week’s readings:
Day 22 – Exodus 11-12 (today)
Day 23 – Exodus 13-15
Day 24 – Exodus 16-18
Day 25 – Exodus 19-20
Day 26 – Exodus 21-24
Day 27 – Exodus 25=27
Day 28 – Break/Catch up day!