Book Review: The Shack

Alright there has been a lot of hub-bub about this book. I have read it and give the following review.

I think the book offers a very distinct, unique, and viable look at who God is. I do not think this is a conclusive study as to the identity of the Trinity. It is a book that establishes the love of Christ on the cross, the love of God in difficult situations, and the power of the Holy Spirit to work in our lives as believers. I think this book is especially strong for those who have experienced personal tragedy or difficulty.

2 main problems with the book theologically are that the book says in a conversation between Mack, the main character, and Papa, who represents God, that Jesus was not God while on earth but was the greatest example of what humanity can be in relationship to God the Father. The is basic gnosticism and is dispelled easily by John 1:1.

The second problem is that the author represents the church as not being a part of the plan of God in Christ. That what we see as church as far as being an institution has no relevance to what Jesus wanted to accomplish. Basically the author is wiping out Acts 2,4 and most of the rest of the New testament as it is all about establishing the church as an entity.

Overall the book gave me some perspective on how God might deal with suffering and was an enjoyable read, but it should not be what we build our theology upon. The only true book to build our theology upon is the Word of God represented in the Holy Bible.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Exodus 28-31

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