Day 30

Exodus 32-34
This is a tragic reading today. The people of God have seen all that God has done from them in bringing them out of Egypt. They crossed the Red Sea and saw the defeat of Pharaoh’s army. They saw how God’s presence in the form of a great cloud descended on Mt. Sinai. After seeing all of this they still want a god that they can see in the form of a golden calf. I think this is a lot like people who recognize who Jesus is and what he has done on the cross and yet still request God to do a miracle in their life. They are not satisfied with the way that God has revealed himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ but rather are seeking a tangible way to identify with God. We must understand that God has done a great miracle in Jesus and that should be enough to solidify our devotion and obedience to God without any further evidence being necessary.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Exodus 35-40