Day 56

Deuteronomy 17-20

Moses is preparing the people to enter the promised land. It takes a lot of rules, laws, and regulations to establish a nation. God was emphatic that if the people were to stay pure they must eradicate the people of the land. This seems harsh to us today. We must remember that the people of the promised land were wretched people performing acts of worshiping other gods. They would have led the people away from the one true God. Jesus furthered this argument when he said that if your right eye is making you sin, cut it out, and if your hand is making you sin cut it off. These are radical steps to maintain your purity. Are you taking steps to maintain your purity? Are you eliminating habits out of your life that lead you astray? We must be radical to eliminate these items so as to maintain our purity. I will leave this open ended on purpose so that God can be the one to convict and not me.

Tomorrow’s reading: Deuteronomy 21-26

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