Day 58

Deuteronomy 27-30

God lays down the ultimate challenge in this section of reading: Obey! He tells the Israelites that if they will trust God and obey His commands that He will prosper them throughout the land and in all they day. He also says that if they choose to follow another way and serve other gods that He would punish them by destroying them and sending them into exile. Unfortunately, we know that the latter happened and the Northern Kingdom was destroyed and the Southern Kingdom went into exile. As I was reading this I could not help but wonder what I would have done in that time? I would hope I would serve God fully but I also know that I am a sinful person that often wants to choose his own way. What about you? Are you living a life of obedience today? Are you drawing a line in the sand and declaring your obedience to God? While we now live under the new covenant of Jesus Christ, we are not excused from the responsibility of obeying God. Choose today to obey God and His commands.

Tomorrow’s reading: Deuteronomy 31-34