Day 80

I Samuel 20-23

David now finds himself in a terrible position. He is now the sworn enemy of King Saul and must try and allude Saul at every turn. David seeks the Lord at all times and the Lord continually directs his path. We know that David will be king, but I am sure in these moments in David’s life he was unsure of himself at best. David’s relationship with Jonathan helps him out in more than one circumstance. Ultimately David assembles a group of men to help him fight this battle. These men obviously have noting to gain but feel an allegiance to David. I think there are several lessons we can glean from this reading. First, sometimes our enemies whether they be physical enemies or the temptations of this world, have dedicated themselves to our destruction. Many times we find ourselves on the run. I hope that you will seek the Lord in these times for the right path to take. Secondly, David sought great friendship with an individual. How are your relationships today? Thirdly, David surrounded himself with a band of supporters. Many times when we are facing a spiritual battle of temptation we need a group of people fighting with us. Don’t be too prideful to admit you need help, but find those individuals who will come to your aid when you need it.

Tomorrow’s reading: Break/Catch up day