Day 83

I Samuel 27-31

This passage has one of the most odd scenes in all of the Bible. The scene is when Saul gos to Endor to consult the medium there. She is able to conjure up Samuel to speak with. Saul is told by Samuel that he will die in battle very soon. This scene brings up so many questions about the dead and mediums. First, are people still able to speak to the dead today as this medium was able to or was this a special case? This is unclear but in most cases people who claim to talk to the dead or who claim to be psychic are merely playing a trick or a mind game. Second, the text says that Samuel came up from the earth? Does this imply that he was in a grave and thus came up from the grave or that his residence after death was somehow in the earth? Once again, this idea is very unclear from this text, but it seems that Samuel was brought from where he was after death to where Saul and the medium was. We certainly know from other texts that when we die in Christ we will be with Jesus. This story just raises a whole bunch of questions that we may never answer until we see Jesus in eternity and can ask Him.

Tomorrow’s reading: II Samuel 1-4