Day 85

II Samuel 5-7

In this passage we finally see David take Jerusalem and rise to the level of king that has been foreshadowed for quite a few chapters of the Bible. David continues to be devoted to one King in his life and that is God. While he may have faults, he always seeks to make his relationship with God right. In your reading have you noticed the distinct difference between David and some of the other characters of the Bible (Saul, Samson, etc.). Maybe this is why David is seen as the man after God’s own heart. Not that he is perfect but that he pursues God with an incredible fervor. Chapter 7 is a beautiful picture of what a covenant relationship between God and man can look like. How is your relationship with God today? Are you pursuing Him at every turn. Understand God does not demand perfection as much as he demands attention.

Tomorrow’s Reading: II Samuel 8-10