Day 87

II Samuel 11-14

The tragic story of King David’s moral failure and the subsequent consequences of the loss of a child and a rebellious son. I have read this story many times and yet every time when I start in 11:1 with the words “In the spring of the year…” I get a little weary. Here it is a man that has done such great things as kill Goliath, restrain himself from killing Saul, worship God with complete abandon, and be the man after God’s own heart, makes a huge mistake. Then after the mistake David compounds it by having Urriah killed. It just is a painful story. Unfaithfulness to God in such things leaves a wake of destruction. I have seen the devastation that happens when leaders fall in such a way in great temptation. The wake that is left behind is severe. Make sure to do a consistent check up on your spiritual strength so that you won’t fall prey as well. Have an accountability group that helps you!

Tomorrow’s Reading: Break/Catch up day