Day 109

I Chronicles 22-27

David is certainly making sure that his legacy is secure and that the house of the Lord is built. He does not want to see the Ark of God sit out in a tent any longer. His preparations in the remaining years of his life are set to getting the building materials and to organizing the priests. He accomplishes this and sets up Solomon for great success. David seems to accept his plight of not being able to build the temple. I wonder how many of us would complain to God because we did not get to build it. In your life now are there activities that you are participating in that are simply preparing the next person to fulfill a greater purpose. Maybe it is your children, or maybe a person that will follow you at your job, or maybe it is in a place in ministry that someone else will follow you in. God has a specific plan for each of us, fulfill that plan with all you have and it will be blessed.

Tomorrow’s reading: I Chronicles 28-29