Day 191

Proverbs 30-31

In honor of Proverbs 31 I would like to salute my wife. She is truly more precious than rubies. This chapter begs the question of who can find a woman like this. I was blessed in 1996 to find just such a woman at Houston Baptist University. I was a junior and she was a beautiful freshmen. It wasn’t long before I realized her passion for God and for life. We were engaged 6 months after starting to date, married 13 months later, and now 11 years later, I am more in love with her then ever before. We have been through some tough stuff lately, and she continues to hold to her faith and trust in God. I could not have found a better woman to marry then her. She truly epitomizes the Proverbs 31 woman.

Tomorrow’s reading: Ecclesiastes 1-6