Day 219

Jeremiah 26-29

You see in these chapters the deportation of many of those in Judah to Babylon. You also see where Jeremiah has to stand up against false prophets who were telling the people false things. This highlights the need for great discernment on our parts even today as false prophets may be telling things that are not true of God. Jeremiah 29:11 has become popular as a verse we like to quote whenever bad things happen or when we are searching for the will of God. While this verse has been a comfort to me, we should note that Jeremiah writes it in a letter addressed to deportees that will be in exile for the next 70 years. It did not mean immediate relief from their situation but that God was preparing them for a great day in the future. Remember that God is in control of your circumstances no matter what they look like to you.

Tomorrow’s reading: Break/Catch up