Day 327

I Corinthians 15-16

Paul’s assertion in chapter 15 is certainly the crux of the issue for Christians and for those who doubt Christianity. Did Jesus rise from the dead? If Jesus did not rise from the dead then we are still trapped in our sins and have no hope, but if he did then everything we see in scripture is true. The resurrection is the one event in history that has been contested more then any other event. The reason is the enemy knows that if people doubt the resurrection then they will surely fall into disbelief in the sacrificial love of Jesus. The proofs for the resurrection are many but still some doubt because they did not see it themselves. All I can say is this is a matter of faith. I trust that if you submit yourself to God and believe in the resurrection of Jesus you will see the living Lord move in your life. As Billy Graham has said “We do not see the wind but we do see the effects of the wind.” Also the little boy said to his teacher when she said she could not believe in God because she could not see him, “Can you see your brain? If you can’t see it does it really exist?”

Tomorrow’s reading: II Corinthians 1-5