Day 358

Revelation 1-3

The first few chapters of Revelation set the stage for the rest of the book. These literal churches that Jesus addressed through John’s vision and writing each had their own problems. We probably can identify with each of these churches in one way or another in our personal lives. Have we left our first love? Are we buying into false teaching? Have we grown deaf to the teaching and leading of the Holy Spirit? Have we grown lukewarm? Do a spiritual check-up today and see the correction Jesus gave to each church. Then apply it to your life.

Some things to remember about Revelation. This is a difficult book to decipher and if you try and find exact correlations to each image you will fail as many have before. Yet the message of Revelation is powerful. I believe it is threefold: (1) Jesus is coming back. Rest assured there will be a day of judgment and incredible glory given to the returning King. (2) He is coming back soon. This term “soon” may be less about exact time and more about the necessity to be ready. (3) You had better be ready when he returns.