Day 362

Revelation 10-13

These powerful chapters speak of the two witnesses, the woman giving birth to the ruler, and the beast speaking blasphemy against God. The last part of chapter 13 speaks of the beast being wounded and then healed. He makes a statue of himself, gives it the power to talk, and demands that everyone worship it. Finally, the beast demands that everyone put a mark on their body so as to distinguish who is for the beast. Revelation pleads for wisdom here that people might know when this mark will be placed. I can only imagine what those days will be like. We certainly have the technology to do such a mark, I just wonder if we will have the wisdom to know when it comes. Will we be so close to Jesus that we will know when a counterfeit is standing in front of us? This is a question even today. Do we know who is truly representing Christ?

Tomorrow’s reading: Last break/last catch up!