Premise for Physical Fitness vs. Vanity Blog Series

I am going to be blogging over the next several weeks (I have at least 15 segments to this blog idea already) on the subject of Physical Fitness vs. Vanity. I realize that the foremost new year’s resolution that people make is a variation of losing weight, getting in shape, or going to the gym. I have worked out at the YMCA the last several years and always love to see the great swell of individuals who come in to the gym in January. Therefore it is a great time to discuss the issue of physical fitness as it relates to the Bible. Obviously there is not a specific Biblical reference to staying in shape or how many times a week to workout but there are indicators that living a life out of shape is not honoring of the God who made you.

The debate as I understand it between those who are super die-hard into the fitness world and those who claim modesty from a scriptural perspective, is that if we indulge our bodies then we are somehow lusting after physical appearance. While there are individuals who are only into showing off their bodies in an unholy way, to be physically fit does not have to lead to vanity. In fact I would say that physical fitness is another way we can honor God with who we are and be able to be more effective at the mission he has given us.

Now on to what this blog will be about…
1. In the next issue I will tell you my story. Briefly, I am not a nutrition nut, fitness fanatic, or gym rat. But being in shape and physically fit has become an interest of mine. Also eating right has now become an interest.
2. We will look Biblically at what we need to understand about our bodies.
3. We will encounter some of the arguments for and against physical fitness and how that deals with vanity.
4. I will argue that when discussing the verse dealing with keeping the temple of the Holy Spirit pure which we use to point to things like cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. Maybe we should look at some of the foods we eat as well.
5. We will discuss the issue of gluttony and how that affects our witness as believers.
6. We will discover the difference between modern day nutrition and exercise as opposed to 50-60 years ago in America and the middle east in the 1st century.
7. We will talk about how poor nutrition has detrimental affects on our ability to fulfill the Kingdom responsibilities that God has given us.
8. We will talk about our health in terms of our future. How this affects health insurance costs and the future of our children.
9. We will discover a few of the better ways to be involved in proper diet and exercise.
10. We will talk about the dangers of fad diets and how simply eating proper proportions and proper types of meals would prevent us from needing fad diets.

There will be more as we go along.

I welcome any of your comments. I have now opened the comments on my blog so you can leave your comment there or on facebook.

Here is to fulfilling the Kingdom call that God has for each one of us.