Book Review: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Blink is a very good book about how and when we make decisions. The book is packed full of scientific studies and real life situations in which split second judgment is necessary. The book points out that we are often judgmental in our split second decisions about people and situations. For example, when we see people of a certain skin color do we react positive or negative because of associations we have. Malcolm Gladwell does a great job of breaking each of these situations down into a way in which the layman can understand. Unlike the Tipping Point which is Gladwell’s first book this book does not call us to action as much as it pre-supposes that we need to recognize our faults in judging individuals. The multitude of examples that Gladwell uses leaves no doubt that our subconscious mind runs a lot of our pre-judgment of situations and people. If you like sociological books that delve into psychological matters that help to explain our personal interactions with others then I highly recommend Blink. If you are not into these sorts of detailed books you may have a difficult time getting through this one.