the damage to the Kingdom of fat and lazy

What damage is happening because the church is fat and lazy? Jesus called us to action. He called us to get off of the couch, build relationships, share the gospel, and make disciples. This is our calling (Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8). Yet far too many Christians are too stressed, too tired, too lazy, too complacent, too underwhelmed by the gospel, and too embarrassed of their faith to openly share about the Jesus that paid it all for our sins.

I do actually believe that our fitness plays a role in all of this. How many times has their been an opportunity for you to serve a neighbor but been too tired? How many times have you had a chance to go and be the church for others but been too lethargic and lazy? I think if we were better in this area of our life there might be a better chance of us becoming actively involved in sharing the gospel.

Typically laziness, breeds more laziness. For example if someone is always lazy about not going to the gym and working out, then they will be lazy about serving others through a faith kitchen. Another example might be that if someone ignores the discipline of working out everyday then they might ignore the discipline of building a relationship with God and therefore become less focused on the task at hand. There is not a one to one correlation between these ideas but I bet if you find lazy Christians who refuse to be about the mission of the church you will find lazy people who refuse to change their lifestyle to become fit.

I do know people who are in a shape who also are actively involved in being the salt and light of the world. Notice I said “in a shape” not “in shape.” I do not think there is a direct correlation but their are similarities.

Maybe if more Christians were physically fit they would have more energy to be spiritually fit as well.