Book Review: Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom who has written many different books including Tuesdays with Morrie has written an amazing book about the intersecting faiths of two spiritual leaders.

Albom begins the book with an event whereby his childhood Rabbi requests that he give the eulogy at his funeral. This begins an eight year conversation between Albom and “The Reb.” He intertwines a conversation he has with a Christian Pastor who was a drug dealer and an ex-con but had turned his life to God. This pastor served the homeless population in Detroit, Michigan. Albom tells of how the Pastor had a church with a hole in roof that couldn’t keep the rain out nor the hot air in during the winter.

At the beginning of the book Albom speaks of how he had not been faithful to trust God after he left home and became a famous sportscaster. That is how I knew Mitch Albom before this book was a man interested in sports only. This journey of watching two men deal with crisis in their life set Albom up to begin his own faith journey again with God.

The book is well written and moves at a smooth pace. You feel a gut wrenching heart ache as you read about the slow death of a Jewish Rabbi. You also feel the skepticism Albom had of a pastor who had a past and yet was doing good ministry. The book sucks you into the lives of these two faith leaders.

The book is careful not to outright declare a right or wrong faith but rather that both faiths struggle with many of the same things and that spiritual leaders are incredible people. Albom focuses in on the faithfulness of both these spiritual leaders to their personal lives, their families, and to their congregations. I pray that there might some day be someone who could say of me that I was faithful as well.

This is an inspirational book that will make you think about how your life is going and who you are impacting.