Can you imagine having God approach you with the question he approached Solomon with? Name whatever you want and you will receive it. I know that my flesh would certainly come out and ask for money or things. I am sure I would fail at asking for things such as Solomon asked for such as wisdom.

We live in a society that continues to believe that the more you have the better you are. We fall into the trap that those in the Old Testament fell into which was that if you are blessed then you must be good with God, if you are poor then you must be being punished by God. We translate that message into sickness and health, good kids and bad kids, church growth or church decrease, and a myriad of other ways.
In all honesty what we need to seek is to walk in the ways of the Lord on a daily basis. We know that God is going to allow challenges into our lives that cause us to wonder and to fret, but ultimately to pray more then we ever have. We end up depending on Him for our very breath which is the whole point of this life anyway.
Remember that God proclaimed that great scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 that His plans are plans to prosper and not to harm right before he sent the people of Judah into exile from their country. They grew more as a nation and in their devotion to God during the exile then any other time before. I know that during times of adversity it is easy to blame and question God, but maybe we need to revel in the moment that we are growing closer to Him every day.
We do not have a humanistic god that follows our every whim. We can’t name it and claim it. What we have is a God who loves us so desperately that He is willing to send His son to die for us and willing to watch us hurt so that we might learn to depend on him.
If I had been Solomon I probably would have had an epic fail when asking anything from God. I am glad that God is in control of my life and is bringing me closer to Him, one challenging day after another.