Speak the Things which we have heard

Long time…No blog

Well it has been a while since I blogged anything but I figured it was time.

I was reading my bible study on the book of Daniel and the author cross-referenced the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego with Acts chapter 4 with Peter and John. At that time the rulers and elders were unnerved that even though they had killed the leader of this band of people that they were not quitting their spreading of the good news. Basically, this meeting in Acts 4 was to tell the disciples to be quiet or else. The response in verse 20 is astonishing. Peter and John look right at the religious leaders and said that they could not stop speaking of the things they had seen and heard.

Is your Christian life that way? Do you have enough of the story of Christ to tell others? Do you have God actively involved in your life to be able to tell others of what He has done for you?

Our Christian bubble in America is starting to burst. The pressure of the outside world upon the Christian is getting more fierce all the time. Without blaring it from the roof tops our culture is telling us to stop talking about the things of Jesus. What will our response be? Will we be quiet or will we speak up? Except for a few the numbers speak for themselves, Christians in America have decided to be quiet.

May we regain the courage of Peter and John to simply say we cannot stop talking about the things we have seen and heard. Speak and live loudly in your part of the world today for Christ!