Pharisee Exchange with Jesus

Have you ever watched a boxing match where someone was totally over matched? I remember watching a Mike Tyson fight one time where all my friends had gotten together and purchased the Pay Per View event and we were all ready to watch Mike Tyson fight. I have no idea who he fought. We all gathered and casually watched the under card fights as we snacked on food. Finally, the title match was being announced. Tyson walked into the ring with his opponent. You could see the fear all over Tyson’s opponent. The bell rang and in less then a couple of minutes Tyson had bloodied the guy and knocked him out. Tyson was the victor once again having over matched the other fighter.

In Matthew 22 starting in verse 41 you see a scene much like the Tyson fight scene except with words. The Pharisees felt like they were smarter then their brethren the Sadducees who had just been taken back but asking Jesus a question and him out smarting them. The question was posed as to what the greatest commandment was. Jesus replied with “Love the Lord Your God and Love Your Neighbor.” After this Jesus asked them a question as to which lineage the Christ would come from. They replied “from David’s line.” Jesus then asked how then did David who was the elder in his lineage call the Christ his Master. Jesus stumped them completely. Then the last statement shows the complete overmatching of Jesus in the last of verse 46 “they quit asking questions for good.” Jesus completely thwarted their attempts to trip him up intellectually.

I see a lot of people in today’s culture who claim to be so brilliant. They claim to have knowledge that is superior to all others. These people claim there is no God and that they are smarter than to fall for that myth. Jesus was simply a mythological character just like in ancient Rome according to these individuals. They believe they are smarter than God because there is no god according to them. In the end, they will be confronted with the reality of Christ and their intellect will be over matched by the reality of Christ. They will all kneel and call Him Master!