Long time…No Blog

It has been quite a while since I last blogged. I guess I needed a break from it, but I hope to be back at it for awhile. I love to get inspiration from the scriptures and that is what has happened to prompt this post.

In II Kings 17:41 the nation of Israel has been destroyed. The nation of Assyria came in and annihilated the nation. In the place of the void of the nation of Israel, Assyria replanted some people that they had conquered in another part of the world into the homes of the Israelites. In this transfer of populations the new population of Israel was attacked by lions. They appealed to the Assyrians because they wanted to find out why the god of the area had sent lions on them. The Assyrians obliged them by sending a priest of Israel to teach them the ways of the Israelite people. God actually received their worship. The awkward thing was that they never gave up their former gods.

In verse 41, the writer states that they feared the Lord but served their idols.

I wonder how often in our Christian lives that God has welcomed us in through the blood of Christ and even though we fear him we still serve our idols. Today, make it a point to turn over your idols and truly serve the Lord of the land!