When do we believe…

When are we as believers in Christ going to strongly believe in the power of Christ? We often go through life with a spirit of fear and trembling. We do not seem to trust in God the way we should. We pray for things to happen in our life but never really believe they will. We say that everything is in God’s hand and is subject to his sovereignty but do we really believe that?

In Acts chapter 12, King Herod begins to persecute the church in a more fervent way. He has James killed and imprisons Peter so that he might kill him as well. In verse 5 we see that prayer was being made for Peter in a fervent way. The people must have been praying for his release. Later in this story we see that an angel appears and leads Peter out of the prison. He goes directly to Mary’s house, the mother of John Mark. When he appears at the door, the people don’t believe it is him when a little girl reports that Peter is there. It is not until they see it for themselves that they realize it is him. How powerful that moment must have been? They were shocked that the very thing they had been praying for came to pass.

Are we shocked whenever God moves in our midst? Do we pray knowing that God can answer a prayer any way he wants? Do we recognize the move of God?

Not all of our prayers are answered the way we desire. Trust in the Lord and see him work things through in his way. Don’t be shocked whenever God moves in unusual ways.