Time to Reflect

Easter is here once again. Do you know you only get a few Easters to celebrate in your life? Do not waste any of these opportunities to reflect, understand, and allow God’s grace to cover you. This week I challenge you to do the following:
1. Spend some time each day this week working through the final few chapters of each of the four gospels. Really allow the story of the Cross to sink into your mind and heart. Reflect on what Jesus did and why He went to the cross.
2. Spend some time on Friday at around 3 pm in prayer as that is the time that Jesus died. Allow that moment to become monumental in your journey as a Christian. Allow God to speak to your heart about the way you live and the way that Jesus died for your sins. Rejoice that your sins are paid in full!
3. During the weekend, try to identify with the disciples. What do you think they felt like as Jesus was in the grave? What was their confusion like? What was running through their minds? How did they doubt?
4. On Sunday celebrate fully in the resurrection of Jesus! Try to focus in on what the resurrection means! Death is defeated! We can now have eternal life! Try to understand what that first day of the resurrection must have been like for the disciples! Wow! You may have been a Christian for a long time but don’t let that stop you from experiencing the resurrection like it was the first time. It is time to celebrate!

My prayer is that this Easter will not be like any other Easter! Reflect and experience the grace of the gospel! It truly is good news!

(All of the exclamation points are intentional. This is not a subject to be taken lightly. We should be excited and exhilarated about wha this week means for us as Christians!)