Worldview Matters

This post will be one of many posts that show how one’s worldview shadows everything they see. Your view of the news, politics, social issues, financial issues, moral issues, and many more views are affected by your worldview.

For example, consider a highly contested football game. In the game there is one pivotal play that changes the course of the game. The referee makes a judgment call based upon the facts that he or she has. Depending on the team you root for (your worldview) you will see that particular referee as a very intelligent man or a complete idiot.

We live in a world where there are a multiplicity of worldviews to consider. We get frustrated when someone does not see things the way we see them. We become more comfortable with our differences when we understand that one’s worldview is tainting the way they see a certain situation.

From a Christian perspective we must understand this issue when we attempt to share our faith. We must gather information about a persons worldview to be able to accurately detail out the gospel in a way that makes sense. Look at Acts 17 and the work of Paul to see what I am talking about. Paul spoke to Jewish leaders in the synagogue in a different way than he spoke to the philosopher’s on Mars Hill. He knew they had two different worldviews.

As Christians we are far better served to listen to someone first, like Jesus did to the woman at the well, then to rush right into our gospel presentation.

Worldview Matters…