Worldview Matters 2

I want to continue the discussion I started last week about worldview. In review, there is an abundance of reasons that individuals arrive at a conclusion on a given issue. The root of those decisions often come back to one’s worldview. Read my previous entry to understand better what I am discussing.

In today’s entry I want to focus in on one particular area of interest in our country today, abortion. Abortion is one of the most highly contested issues in the political and social arena. Individuals who mean well are on both sides of this issue. There is a fundamental factor to how one decides to be pro-life or pro-choice and that is worldview.

If you believe that there is a God that is interested in the daily lives of individuals and is the author of all life, then you typically are pro-life and fight for the life of the unborn. If you are a person who believes that humankind is determinative of their own fate, then you typically are pro-choice.

If you believe that God created all living things and that a heartbeat is the ultimate sign of life then you will be pro-life. If you believe that there is no God and that we evolved from an original one cell being, and that truly life is the survival of the fittest then you will be pro-choice.

If you believe that this world came into existence by a series of accidents,that it is the only earth that we will ever have, that population growth endangers the survivability of the planet, then you might be pro-choice. If you believe that God created the heavens and the earth and that one day he will return, giving a new heaven and a new earth to believers then you are more likely to be pro-life.

It is no wonder that the Chinese government has supported a one child policy and selective abortions, since the roots of the communist system is a lack of belief in God.

As you can see, the worldview of one individual is at the root of whether one is pro-life or pro-abortion/pro-choice. As Christians, we would be better served to go after the worldview of someone rather then fight on the surface issues.