Worldview Matters 3

As we take this idea of worldview to its third week, I want to focus on the worldview specifically of Christians. Not all Christians view the world through a biblical perspective. Many Christians view the world as being very “me-centric.” In other words, much like the person who believes their is no God, Christians believe that the world revolves around them.

Christians should understand better than anyone that we exist to glorify God and to make His name known. We are not meant to make ourselves known. When Christians believe that the only story that makes sense is that every Christian is to be healthy and wealthy, then they have a distorted worldview.

God promises us salvation and a glorious day of joining Him in heaven, but he never promises us splendor or fame here on earth. This idea has corrupted many believers into believing there is no God. The thought pattern is that God is supposed to only bless us. If we are not blessed then we must have offended God. The person then evaluates their own personal life and comes to the conclusion that they have been faithful. Therefore, if they have been faithful but they haven’t been healed or given wealth, then there must not be a God at all. Yet, the Bible speaks more to the reality that the way someone endures suffering has more to say about the presence of God in their lives than in any other time.

Our worldview about God’s presence and working in the world, helps us to understand that this world is fallen. Sin has corrupted everything and the world is just not right. We must grasp the idea that even in the midst of the pain and suffering in this world, God is still here offering salvation. Many people beg the question of why can’t God heal all the children of cancer, or feed all the people in the world, or make it where a young parent doesn’t die and leave a spouse and children? Why can’t God eradicate all sorts of disease and pain? If God did all of this then we would be in one place and one place only…Heaven. We endure this life here on earth and see glimpses of God, but one day, for those who are in Christ, we will see God fully!

Don’t allow the worldview that some try to espouse even in the Christian arena, to distort your view of the Holy God we serve.