The Creator of Forgiveness

I have often reflected on the creation of God. Whenever I think about the awe inspiring, earthly creation that I have seen, I am amazed by God. I truly desire to worship him and serve him whenever I realize his creation was meant for me. It is unfortunate that sin entered the world and now we live in a broken world. God meant this world to be perfect but now sin has dimmed the brilliance of the original creation.

This would be a depressing story except that all throughout scripture, even in the midst of sin, we see God forgive. He forgave Adam and Eve and clothed them even after they committed the most destructive act in all of history.

One of my favorite stories from the Old Testament about forgiveness is the story of Samson. Of course whenever we think of Samson, we think of his strength which was rooted in his commitment to God and was shown physically by his long hair. We know that Samson served God but also had a carnal side to him, shown by sleeping with a prostitute and desiring a Philistine woman. However, he always had his strength because ultimately he desired to serve God above all else.

One day, Delilah tricks Samson into revealing his secret. After a few tries, Samson gives his secret away to Delilah, which was to shave his head. If he had his head shaved he would lose his strength. Delilah has Samson fall asleep (which he must have been a heavy sleeper) and then someone comes and shaves his head. Delilah calls in the Philistines and Samson has no power to overcome them. They gouge out his eyes and place him in a life of servitude. Then in one moment you see the great forgiveness of God when in Judges 16:22 the Bible says “However, the hair of his head began to grow again after it was shaved off.” In the end, Samson has his strength returned after learning to trust in God and is able to “kill more Philistines then when he was alive” (Jud. 16:30).

God is a God who forgives and there is never a sin we can do that takes us too far from Him, except to deny the Holy Spirit altogether.

God is the Creator of Forgiveness.