Where is your Passion?

I am now living in Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta Falcons played yesterday and everyone who is a Falcon fan would say “Rise Up.” This mini-slogan has become a rallying cry for all Falcons fans.

This phrase got me to thinking about what I “Rise Up” for. In other words where is my passion placed? We can get really fired up over many causes and many issues. We can become passionate about sports or politics. We can become passionate about our favorite food or our favorite restaurant. We can even get passionate about a cause like eliminating slavery or eradicating homelessness. Many of these passions are truly what it means to experience humanity and all that God has for us; however, there is one passion that trumps them all.

That passion is love for Christ in all forms. Most importantly the passion to share the story of Jesus to every person. I recently read a story in the book by JD Greear entitled “Gospel.” The story in essence boils down to the point where when sharing Christ with a young lady, JD had an unexpected response. The young lady said she could not become a believer in Christ because it would wreck her life. How would it wreck her life? She said that if she believed that the only way to heaven was through Jesus Christ and that without Jesus all people would perish in Hell, she would literally spend every waking moment and every last dime begging and pleading for people to come to Christ. She could do nothing else but be on rescue missions for the gospel.

After reading that story, I sat in my office and wondered if I was anywhere close to having the knowledge of the gospel “wreck” my life like that. How passionate am I about sharing with others the story of Jesus Christ? So the question remains for all of us “Where is your Passion?”