Why should I Passover?

Passover is quickly approaching in the Jewish/Christian world. This is the time that the Israelites celebrate their escape from Egypt at the time when Moses confronted Pharaoh. Pharaoh was being stubborn about letting the Hebrews go. When he didn’t let them go the last of the ten plagues was the death angel coming to claim the life of all first born of man and beast. The Hebrews were told to take the blood of a lamb and place it on the door posts of their house. The death angel would pass by the house with the blood on the door post.

The people were then allowed to leave and they left in a hurry. They did not have time to have their bread rise and thus they ate unleavened bread. The people were supposed to celebrate the passover every year as a way to remember what God did for them by delivering them out of bondage in Egypt. Unfortunately, the Israelites did not continue to celebrate passover and thus did not remember what God had done for them.

They went hundreds of years before King Josiah in II Kings 22 discovered the Book of the Law and found out they had not been doing the will of God. Finally, in II Kings 23:22-23 the people celebrated the Passover for the first time since the time of the judges. They remembered what God had done for their ancestors. They remembered the faithfulness of God. Their repentance was rooted in remembering what God had done for them.

Today, as Christians, we remember the sacrifice of Jesus as the way of salvation. We remember his sacrifice through the Lord’s Supper. We are brought to repentance by remembering what Jesus did for us. As believers we need this reminder so that we will not wonder away from following the will of God. I think that the Israelites lost their way in following God because they forgot the faithfulness and love of God. We can fall into the same trap if we do not remember.

Lastly, each Christian has a time in their life where they come to know Jesus. We need to remember this time too. We should reflect on what Jesus did for us on that day where we realized we needed him as our savior. This remembrance will help us to know and understand how to follow God.

The key to following Christ in the future is remembering what he has done for us in the past.