Go Figure – John 15:18-19

Jesus spent the first part of John 15 speaking about abiding in him (John 15:5). If we will abide in him he will abide in us. If he is the vine then we are the branches. These common phrases from Jesus causes us to know that if we are in relationship with Jesus then he will be in relationship with us. Jesus desires this relationship and literally gave his life for this relationship(Rom. 5:8).

In verse 18, Jesus states something that should make us all take note. Jesus says “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me.” Jesus clearly states that we should not be so comfortable in this world as to feel at home here. We should not be surprised when people treat us rudely because of the message of the gospel. Jesus is giving a statement that should make us say “Go figure!” If they killed Jesus why would they not kill us.

Jesus goes on in verse 19 to state that if we belonged to the world it would love us. The world would love us if we simply follow along with the message of sin. Go figure that we might have such an easy time in this world if we just do what the world says. This is the same idea behind Jesus saying that wide is the way to destruction, but narrow is the path to righteousness (Matt. 7:13). As Christians, we are going to face difficult times and this world is not going to always be nice to us.

In the current climate in our country of the United States, we should not be so surprised that the country is turning away from Christianity. We probably should have been more concerned when we were too comfortable here as Christians. We are in a battle (Eph. 6), and we have a real enemy that is seeking to devour us (I Peter 5:8). Fight on Christians and know that this is not our final home.