Taking Credit…

How much credit should we take for the ministry we are in charge of? I heard Craig Groeschel tell of a time when he was down in his ministry because he was not getting the numbers of people to come. He tells of a woman explaining to him “If you take credit for when things are going badly, then you will take credit for when things go well.” I have remembered this statement in my own ministry. I think too many pastors and ministers take too much credit for what is going on in their ministries and don’t leave enough of it to God. This is not an excuse for laziness or a lack of zeal and purpose. This is an understanding that I am responsible for being faithful, working my hardest, doing my best, developing my skills, strategizing, and getting better at my craft, but the results are left to God.

In Genesis 41, Joseph is brought out of the bowels of the prison. He gets a shave, a bath, and some new clothes. He is then thrust in front of Pharaoh to interpret his latest dream. In verse 15, Pharaoh tells the dream to Joseph and then concludes with the statement “I have heard it said about you, that when you hear a dream YOU can interpret it.” Joseph responds by saying “It is not me; God will give Pharaoh a favorable answer.” Joseph understood where his power came from, and it wasn’t him. Joseph wanted God to be praised and honored and not himself.

I want to be a pastor that is known for giving 100% effort to the service that God has entrusted me to at FBC Swannanoa. I want to be obedient and trust God for everything. If someone wants to attribute any piece of the success of the church to me, I will respond with the words of Joseph “It is NOT me!” I will leave the results to God and take that pressure off of me. To God be the Glory!