New Year, New Goals

I love this time of year and the fact that I can look back upon last year and see what I did well and what I want to do differently. I know some people do not like to participate in New Year’s Resolutions, and I am one of them. I think resolutions fade too easily and give you no real target. You think you are going to lose 10 pounds, but how? You want to read the Bible more, but when? You want to exercise more, but what’s the plan? I prefer goals to start the new year.

Goals leave a specific mark that you want to hit by the end of the year. Goals force you to plan for how you will achieve these goals. You will struggle and fight to reach the goals, if for nothing less than to avoid embarrassment. You want those goals passionately. This can be in any phase of life such as spiritually (I will read through the Bible in one year), physically (I will run a 5K this year), professionally (I will grow by a certain amount), mentally (I will read 5 books this year). Goals give us a target to shoot at while resolutions are simply trying to form a habit.

Every year, people crowd the gyms to start that new year’s resolution to get fit. Too many times they fade away when their body is sore and hurting. However, if you set a goal of finishing a race or doing something in your physical fitness you will strive to get to the goal and not merely try to meet the resolution.

I encourage you this year to set some goals and leave the resolutions in the dust.

Lastly, remember to always have the Lord as the center of any of your goal setting. Establish him as the one who is setting the goals and you will win every time.

Here’s to a better you in 2015 for God’s glory!